Caliph Stork
& Fatme’s Fate


“Caliph Stork & Fatme’s Fate” (Weiss Books, 120 p.) – Wilhelm Hauff’s classic fairy tales – retold by Boris Dammer, with illustrations by Oliver Weiss

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Two of Wilhelm Hauff’s classic fairy tales – retold by Boris Dammer, with illustrations by Oliver Weiss. Large-print edition!

Caliph Stork: The evil sorcerer Kaschnur transforms the Caliph of Baghdad and his Grand Vizier into storks. With the help of the night owl Lusa, who turns out to be the transformed princess, they do everything in their power to become human again. Can they overcome Kaschnur‘s dark magic?

Fatme’s Fate: Fatme’s birthday celebration turns into a nightmare when pirates attack the guests’ boat. The girl and her friend are kidnapped and sold as slaves. During his adventurous pursuit, her brother faces great danger.

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Why the Need to Retell Hauff’s Stories?

The enduring allure of Wilhelm Hauff’s work persists to this day. Originally woven into frame narratives, his fairy tales have often been extracted and widely disseminated as individual stories. In Hauff’s initial Fairy Tale Almanac of 1826, undoubtedly, Caliph Stork stands out as the best-known narrative. The tale of Fatme’s Fate (originally called Fatme’s Rescue) from the same collection also stands as one of the more successful novellas capable of standing on its own.

It would be unfortunate if these literary treasures were lost merely because the language might appear old-fashioned by today’s criteria.

The present edition offers meticulously revised versions of both stories, maintaining the atmosphere and melodic beauty of the originals while simultaneously updating spelling and sentence structure to modern standards.

Hauff’s Oriental Fascination

Born in 1802, Hauff is considered one of the most prominent figures of Romanticism. His fairy tales stand as testaments to this era, where fantasy and reality seamlessly intertwine. A fascination with Oriental tales was a central aspect of his short yet impactful literary legacy.

Despite his mere three-year career as an author, he left behind a remarkable body of work, with the Fairy Tale Almanacs standing out in particular. These collections of stories from distant lands have seen countless reprints over time and continue to enjoy great popularity today.

New Illustrations

The enchanting black-and-white illustrations by Oliver Weiss were specially crafted for the present edition. Building collages from diverse sources of the 19th century, including old travel reports and zoological textbooks, the artwork masterfully captures the atmosphere of Hauff’s writing while infusing new life into his fairy tales.

May the timeless magic of his stories continue to touch hearts and spark the imagination of readers across generations.

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