Heartache Doodle:
Sketch Away Your Blues!


“Heartache Doodle: Sketch Away Your Blues” (Weiss Books, 76 p.) by Oliver Weiss

→ German version



The ultimate doodle book against heartache and gloomy thoughts. In times of lovesickness, humor can be your lifeboat. Say goodbye to boring self-help books! Find comfort and distraction with whimsical illustrations, clever puzzles, and creative ideas to process your sorrow and spark new thoughts. Doodle your way back to happiness—your new love is already waiting at the door.

User Manual: This doodle book is here for you when you feel gloomy and sink into lovesickness—and could use a little wink of distraction. Feel free to peruse it, even when you’re not pining away in longing, and see what you’ve painted, written, and drawn when you were particularly sad or angry. It’s perfectly fine to feel heartache from time to time, as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Not even yourself. Take good care of yourself. Everything will be alright.♥

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