8 Postcards:
We Do it
the HEART Way


This card is different from your usual postcard in that both the front and back sides are uncoated and can be used for personal notes. The card shows a crocodile, a bird, and other animals, with captions on the front for you to fill out with cool personal messages – names, good wishes, doodles, anything!



These postcards are printed on thick paper, and intended for writing and mailing with or without an envelope. Send a handwritten quick note to a loved-one in this digital age!

  • Pack of 8 Cards
  • Regular Uncoated Postcard
    (2 Pages), Writable on Both Sides
  • Card size is 105 x 148mm
    (4.1 x 5.8 in.)
  • Heavy, slightly cream-colored designer’s paper (300 g/m2)

Are you looking for something unique for your collection of postcards? The “We Do it the Heart Way” card is the perfect choice. It has a fish, dog, bird, and crocodile with heart-shaped speech bubbles on the front. What sets it apart from other postcards is that both the front and back are uncoated, allowing you to write your own personal messages, greetings, names, or even draw something on it. This makes it the perfect card to send to someone special for a new year, birthday, or any special occasion.

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